GA 400

Georgia 400

In July 2012, Governor Deal announced that the state would pay off its bond debt and end tolls on GA 400 by December 2013. On Friday, November 22, 2013, Gov. Nathan Deal fulfilled his promise to end tolls on GA 400. Click here for more information on the GA 400 Tollway Demolition Project.

A Wise Investment
In the 1980s, metro Atlantans were asked to invest in a tollway that would redefine the region. Completed in 1993, the Georgia 400 extension has provided easy access to downtown Atlanta from north Fulton and Forsyth Counties, with almost 120,000 commuters using the road each weekday. The tollway has, in turn, contributed to incredible economic growth along the corridor. In 2010, the state decided to finish the road’s original design by extending the life of the tolls and funding new connecting ramps at I-85. In addition, more than $60 million in additional transportation projects are being funded in the corridor to improve mobility. In recent years, tolls collected from GA 400 have funded 14 improvement projects, including expanding HERO trucks and Xpress transit service.

Click here to view a list of the 14 GA 400 Improvement projects, their current statuses and projected completion dates.

The toll rate for most cars is .50 cents. See the attached Toll Rates Chart for toll amounts for multiple axles.

GA 400 Improvement Projects

In September 2010, the governing boards of the State Road and Tollway Authority – known as SRTA – and the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) voted to extend the ground lease for the GA 400 Toll Road and the fifty-cent toll for up to 10 years. Toll revenues will be used to fund new transportation improvement projects along the Georgia 400 corridor.

SRTA and GDOT initially developed a list of 160 possible projects with input from the North Fulton Atlanta Mayors Association; Buckhead, North Fulton and Perimeter CIDs; Atlanta Regional Commission, Georgia Regional Transportation Authority and various city and county planning and transportation entities. Those projects were then reviewed based on their impact to GA 400 corridor, mobility, strategic objectives and project schedule. The short-list of projects, ranked the highest based on these criteria, and their current statuses are detailed in the table below:

A. I-85/GA 400 Connector Ramps April 2014 Open to traffic, April 2014
B. I-85 Southbound/GA 400 Southbound Merge Modification March 2011 Completed March 2011, ahead of schedule
E. GA 400 Northbound Third Transition Lane Extension at McFarland Parkway January 2013

Completed November 2012, ahead of schedule

F1. GA 400 ITS from McFarland Parkway to SR 20

1. March 2014



2. Ongoing

1.  Service currently in operation

2. Two new trucks purchased and assigned to GA 400.

     Service currently in operation

F2. GA 400 HERO Expansion from McFarland Parkway to SR 20
G. SR 140 (Holcomb Bridge Road) ATMS

December  2014


Construction underway and on schedule

H. Mansell Road Triple Left Turn Lane (GA 400 to North Point Parkway) November 2011 Completed November 2011
I. GRTA Xpress Bus Service on GA 400 Ongoing

2 routes currently in operation

J. GA 400 Northbound Ramp Extension at Abernathy Road January 2013

Completed November 2012, ahead of schedule

K. Improvements to GA 400 at Northridge Road Interchange

September 2015


Construction underway

Demolition of existing bridge in progress


L. Enhanced Maintenance Improvements along GA 400 Corridor Completed, Toll Plaza closed

Graffiti removal throughout the GA 400 Corridor

Sound barrier and guardrail repairs throughout the GA 400 Corridor.

Replacement of reflective raised pavement markings damaged by snow removal throughout GA 400 corridor and its overpasses.

Restriping throughout GA 400 corridor and its overpasses

M. MARTA Buckhead Pedestrian Bridge
Spring/Summer 2014

Structural work complete and the concourse-level roof is in place. Elevator assembly, fare collection component installation and finishing to walking surfaces now underway

Buckhead Bridge Project Photo 1

Buckhead Bridge Project Photo 2

C. GA 400 Lane Widening from McFarland Parkway to SR 20 (Preliminary Engineering Plan Only) TBD Feasibility Study, In Process
D. GA 400 Managed Lanes Project from I-285 to McFarland Parkway (Preliminary Engineering Plan Only) TBD Feasibility Study, In Process